April 29, 2008

Picnic lunch - yumm!

We stopped at one of the small towns near Moulin du Bechet to buy meat from the local charcuterie for lunch. There were loads to choose from and we bought 2 bits of terrine - pork with foie gras and pork & duck - and some sliced smoked meat, all extremely delicious. We bought a chocolate moose for dessert, which was surprisingly light and enjoyable. We also stopped at a nice little patisserie and bought a crunchy baguette (this is fantastic - crunchy on the outside, soft inside) for lunch. Here is a photo of Jeremy enjoying lunch at a picnic spot we found in a little village - doesn't he look happy?  Who wouldn't be with such good food!


It was funny going thru the small villages; they were sweet little places with old buildings and small roads, but they were all rather quiet and I often wonder where everyone was.



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