May 12, 2008

We have eaten a lot

I have missed many days of travel record because the internet connection was not good, and I stopped writing. A week has passed and I'm now in Boston, trying to remember what we did. I looked at the photos that I've taken and my god, we have eaten lots! Is that an understatement?

Anyway, more food photos to follow...

1. Beautiful toastie that I had in a pub of wild mushroon, egg, parmesan cheese and truffle oil


2. Yummy lamb casserole with yorkshire pudding at The Moor's Inn, which is also famous for it's 50 types of whisky.



3. Yorkshire hot pot at The Blacksmiths Arms in Lastingham. We also had venison pate....  One of the rooms has beer mugs covering the ceiling.



4. Dinner with Done and Marion at Plough Inn, Fadmoor

The  main that I had was scallops with black pudding. I had been looking forward to this well-known culinary delight (sausage made of blood) but it was mild and not distinctive. The entire dish of scallops and black pudding was however, extremely delicious.


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