October 6, 2008

My online shop just opened!

(Update on 27 December 1010: The shop is still there with nothing for sale. Unfortunately for me, having a shop meant that I have to ensure that it is constantly updated. This took away my time and energy, which I think is better focused onm creative activities.)

My online shop just opened: www.evelynyee.etsy.com

Here's a snippet 0f my ceramics pieces! There is also a section on 1. cards, where I've uploaded some greeting cards, and 2. wall-art, where I've only got one piece at the moment...
Only 17 items for sale at the moment, and I'm building it up slowly. Today, I've been busy experimenting: cutting papers and hanging stuff off the staircase. It was great - feels like I'm back in art school exploring with ideas!

Do check it out if you have time, it is a fun place - it's also rather addictive. Most of the stuff sold on "etsy" are handmade so you will see things in all sorts of materials and purpose.
Have fun surfing: www.evelynyee.etsy.com

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