October 27, 2008

Recently completed stenciled T-shirt

I have just completed this design and stenciled onto a T-shirt. This design was originally a digital piece, comprising photos and vector art (colourful piece below, top image). I simplified the design and "adapted" it into a stencil (black and white image, 2nd from the top).


It's a rather big image, requiring multiple pieces of transparency and lots of careful cutting to make the stencil, and of course patience when painting (stippling actually) onto the T-shirt .

The completed T-shirt is shown below - the design wraps around from the front to the back of the T-shirt. As shown in the bottom 2 images, the larger part of the image is on the front of the T-shirt (the girl sitting on the chair); and from the front, this image continues to the right, then to the back where the cat sits.

IMG_2972IMG_2971IMG_2969 IMG_2970

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