February 11, 2009

Finding food in Penang on a scooter

We hired a scooter to get around the island. Penang is small with many small roads and one-way streets especially in Georgetown. Riding a scooter or a motorbike is a great way to get around - there is no hassle parking, and we kinda blend in... even Jeremy, the white man (or Mat Salleh, a commonly used term) who has - after a few days - learnt to ride like a local. I shall not go into the details but more than once, I winced from my pillion seat...


It has been really nice to visit Penang and seeing the places we go to with fresh eyes. I have been to most as a child but I have forgotten what they were like.

The picture above was taken on our way back from Balik Pulau to Batu Ferringhi. The road curved along the north side of the island, on a cliff mostly, and the view from most parts was great.

Eating lots of streetfood...

We are finding lots of good food using the guidebooks we have, and from recommendations of family and friends. One of the most yummy is the asam laksa at Balik Pulau. The broth was citrusy, and the noodles just right - not too soggy or soft.

We had a nice roti telur with 2 eggs(!) which was really delicious and fluffy, from shack opposite Utusan Malaysia building in Lebuh China (pictured below). It was quite busy but the food came quickly.


We also went to the roast meat shop below Sky Hotel situated in Lebuh Chulia. It only opens for a few hours a day. We walked past the shop about 15 minutes before it opened, and already most tables in the shop were occupied. See the picture below showing customers queuing for the food and the amount of meat being prepared for the few hours that the shop opens.


A memorable shop we went to was the Char Koay Teow on Burma Road near the police station (pic below). Customers can opt for duck or chicken eggs, and we chose the duck egg. It was really nice and did not seem as oily as most.


We had so much to eat (nothing new there!)... Other streetfood we ate included seafood popiah and pasemboh in Padang Brown, char hokkien mee on Burma Road, mee jawa from a stall on a side lane off Penang Road in front of Komtar, chicken rice in Lebuh Chulia, plus lots more.

We also went to the E&O hotel to have a break from the hot weather. We had a drink on the outside verandah by the sea one afternoon. It was nice and relaxing, and we both read our books. On another day, we went to the hotel again for high tea. It was quite a change from the streetfoods of Penang.

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