February 14, 2009

Which is the best spot?

This is a picture taken while we were on holiday in Penang, and staying in Lone Pine Hotel. It was 7 am, and it would be very unusual for us to be out of bed except that we had to catch a flight to Kuala Lumpur that morning. Who gets up at such an early hour anyway, especially when on holiday?

The answer is A LOT of people actually. We saw a number of hotel guests going to book their deck-chairs for the day, by draping towels over their choice. Some would then proceed to the cafe for breakfast, but a few returned to their rooms, perhaps to sleep after securing their spot for sunbathing for the day. How very cute, when the hotel ground is large, and there are more than enough deck-chairs to go around. I just wonder if it might be just a bit of a stressful activity while on holiday...

Malaysians and Singaporeans will understand the relevance of the word "kiasu", which literary means being afraid of losing...


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