August 26, 2009

My art in a restaurant


I was surfing the net yesterday, and I stumbled upon a restaurant review with a photo of my art pieces. The above is a snapshot of the webpage. The pieces were on loan to the restaurant, and were completed several years ago. They had been exhibited at several shows in Melbourne.  More pictures below…

The wooden wall sculpture was made of stained plywood, and has a print on parts of the sculpture. It is curved (2nd picture below) so that it does not that flatten against the wall.

Copyright Evelyn Howard 1009 

Copyright Evelyn Howard 1009 

The frame works are mixed media pieces on rice paper, which were completed while I was a student. I made a number of pieces. The photo below shows a set of nine exhibited at the VCA student gallery (Melbourne).

Copyright Evelyn Howard 1009

Copyright Evelyn Howard 1009 

 By the way, the restaurant serves great Malaysian food. If you are in Port Melbourne and are feeling peckish, do consider paying them a visit.

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Louis la Vache said...

NEAT! «Louis» enjoyed seeing this!

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