March 22, 2008

My name is Evelyn

Evelyn Howard, © Evelyn Howard, 2009

Hello there! Welcome to Enjoying The Good Life. Thank you for visiting.

My name is Evelyn, and I live in Melbourne (Australia). I draw, paint, sculpt and make crafty stuff… Enjoying The Good Life is a journal about the things that I love:

  • Art – drawing and painting. Here is a great place which prints and sells my work for me
  • Jewellery making and crafty projects – for myself mostly.
  • Cooking – I love trying out new recipes and enjoy cooking. I am a fan of Jamie Oliver, and
  • Traveling - this blog becomes a travel journal when I am on holiday.

I also play tennis, practise yoga and enjoy gardening (visit my gardening blog to find out more). I love my job as a graphic designer. My work website is at

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