December 2, 2009

Birds and a koala

These photos were taken recently when we went camping. This is a stream that crosses our camp ground.

Duck in water © Evelyn Howard 2009 
Having the stream all to itself…

Duck in water © Evelyn Howard 2009 
… to do whatever it pleases.

We had a lovely time camping with not much to do at all. Our daily activities included reading, drawing, deciding where to eat and watching the world (mostly birds) go by.

Here are photos of birds we spotted:

White bird © Evelyn Howard 2009

Magpie bird © Evelyn Howard 2009

Red bird © Evelyn Howard 2009

Bird on hand © Evelyn Howard 2009 
It was happy to sit on my hand for some biscuit crumbs.

Black bird © Evelyn Howard 2009 
A naughty bird at lunch!

Koala climbing © Evelyn Howard 2009
We saw 2 koalas – noisy creatures, especially at night. They make sounds like snoring but 50 times louder!

Lying on the sand © Evelyn Howard 2009 
We celebrated my husband’s birthday. On his birthday, we had a nice meal out. That’s him – the birthday boy having a stretch on the beach.

Camping © Evelyn Howard 2009 
This was our home.

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Japa said...

That's a good camping time had. Very nice opportunity too "playing" with the birds. Very good shots, series that tells all.

Lindz said...

even the animals were having fun too by the looks of it, it really added to your fun camping

eden said...

Looks like you had a great time. How I miss camping. Our last camping trip was last January. I love all your photos. You take good pictures.

Ruth said...

I love your bird and animal pics. I have only seen these species in zoos. I am not a fan of camping in a tent, but I could do it in these circumstances. I don't see any blood thirsty mosquitoes...

Diane AZ said...

Fabulous photos especially the bird on your hand, the koala and the birthday boy!

Mary said...

Lovely birds and I can't imagine seeing a koala in the wild! My daughter was nuts about koalas for the first 12 years of her life and we have about a zillion stuffed and other type ones that she collected.

Denise said...

Loved your photos, especially the one of your hubby catching a few winks on the beach, and of course all the animal photos were great. Camping sounds like so much fun.

Coffeedoff said...

Wow super shots!

yoon see said...

Wow! These shots are priceless, very heart warming!
Your husband is very humorous here...
Fun trip yeah.
Happy weekends in advance.
Bye dear!

Sally in WA said...

I can't imagine camping with all of those neat critters close by. How fun!!

Dee said...

Lovely birds! Lovely photos! :)

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