January 2, 2010

Port Melbourne sunset

Port Melbourne is a suburb situated about 10 minutes drive from the Melbourne CBD.

Fishing at sunset © Evelyn Howard 2009

It was a chilly and windy night. Not many people were about, and these 2 men appeared to be having a quiet night.

Port Melbourne beacon at sunset © Evelyn Howard 2009 

The beacon at sea…

Port Melbourne beacon at sunset © Evelyn Howard 2009

And facing it is another beacon on land…

Bird on Port Melbourne beacon © Evelyn Howard 2009

A bird having a rest

Port Melbourne at sunset © Evelyn Howard 2009

Sunset over the sea


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wenn said...

nice view!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photos, love the colors of the sunset. I love seeing lighthouses too. Great photos.

cat said...

I just love the photo of the bird having a rest. The other pictures are lovely as well:)

Carolyn Ford said...

Those are beautiful scenic photos! What lovely beacons...nice post!

Jane said...

Lovely shots Evelyn, nice sky too. Thanks for sharing:)

Lorac said...

Looks like a lovely place. Really neat lighthouse!

Riet said...

Beautiful pictures. What a lovely place.

diane said...

Lovely colours. I could do with a cool night.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Lovely views. I wonder if they caught any fish - or did they "get away"?
Melbourne Daily Photo

Stine in Ontario said...

The weather was probably perfect for fishing. :)

J Bar said...

great shots
Sydney - City and Suburbs

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