February 6, 2010

A walk along Port Melbourne Beach

This is a recording of my walk a few days ago… I have included an illustration (my interpretation, is not according to scale and  blah blah blah as per usual disclaimers)

Please click on the illustration and images to enlarge.

The order of the images is according to when I photograph them, starting from the bottom left.



Boats at Station Pier. On the left is the Spirit of Tasmania (a ferry that sails to and fro Port Melbourne and Tasmania), and on the right is The World (a cruise ship)


Ramp for cars going onto the Spirit of Tasmania


Port Melbourne Yacht Club


Another pier further along the beach, which is popular with anglers


The pier again. The Spirit of Tasmania started to move, and got into my picture


Shades of a playground along the beach


Beach volleyball courts were not used, as it was still early. I suspect this section of the beach was being cleaned, judging by the sand…


A memorial along the beach. A close-up of the plaque is shown on the right


Walking is hard work, so a trip to the local cafe is well-deserved


Back to where I started. The sculpture titled “Destination” celebrates the history of Station Pier and the development of Beacon Cove (the development along the waterfront)



Hope you are having a nice weekend.

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christina said...

Wow, it looks great and very different from our type of weather noweadays!! I want spring and summer but we have a real cold and snowy winther in Sweden! Thanks for sharing your pictures! Have a nice weekend!

Jenn said...

Thank you for the walk along the pier. And those look like really yummy bites.

Lindz said...

I'm very impress, you seems to walk a lot, like you I like to walk by the water or enar the water.

Janet Bolitho said...

I love your map and seeing familiar scenes through your eyes

eileeninmd said...

You have lovely scenic places to walk. I enjoyed going on the walk with you and the photos!

cat said...

I wish that I can visit Australia one day. Your beautiful picturse sure make me want to go :)

JOE TODD said...

Lovely tour.. Now I'm thinking about cruise ships and food LOL

Riet said...

It is so nice to see other countries through your camera. Beautiful pictures.

Carolyn Ford said...

I would be out on that pier watching the Spirit of Tasmania in a heart-beat! These are nice views of such a wonderful place I hope to visit!

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» wonders if many of those memorialized fell at Gallipoli. Many Anzac troops died there. Churchill was thrown under the bus for that fiasco, but the real fault lies with the British High Command and Admiral Jackie Fisher. Had the commanders executed that assault the in the aggressive way Churchill wanted, the results would have been vastly different. Because Gallipoli wasChurchill's 'brainchild', he was blamed for this horribly bloody failure...

J Bar said...

I got a great feeling about the place from your shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Anonymous said...

fun in the sun

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