March 25, 2010

Gym shoes

A recent piece…

Sports shoes © Evelyn Howard 2010
Watercolour and pen, 2010

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wenn said...

ya, looks like mine.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Thay look just like a teenager has "dropped" them on the bedroom floor - typical of a teen. The laces are still done up.☺
Melbourne Daily Photo

James said...

I always admire people that can look at somethng and create a wonderful likeness of it. That is a wonderful talent.

Louis la Vache said...

Well, from here, they don't SMELL like gym shoes!

«Louis» hopes you clicked on this image to enlarge it - Blogger is cutting off the right side of the images «Louis» is posting and you are missing a lot if you didn't enlarge it!

Ann said...

Have you made good use of the shoes?

The drawing of the woman against the glass pane, in a shopping mall in Singapore. many a times someone have walked right into it. Same as my apartment, visitors go bang.

nanke's stuff said...

Very nice job with the shoes! I don't think they're a very easy subject to draw,but you did a wonderful job with them! nancy

Bengbeng said...

wow.. this is talent

Kelly said...

I am sure that those lovely shoes have stories to tell from their travels!

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