May 26, 2010

When night falls in Hong Kong

Hong Kong at night © Evelyn Howard 2010

My point and shoot camera gave surprising good result in the dark

Hong Kong Tall Building © Evelyn Howard 2010

So many buildings are tall like these – they just go up and up!

Hong Kong nightlights © Evelyn Howard 2010 

Stunning nightlights...

Hong Kong apartments © Evelyn Howard 2010

A view from an open air restaurant on a 2nd floor veranda. Many old buildings - like the low one in the middle - still remain, surrounded by tall apartment blocks.

Veg Stalls in Hong Kong © Evelyn Howard 2010

I would buy vegetables and fruits from these stalls if I cook; they look really juicy and fresh. The stalls begin operating in the late afternoon – a convenient time for office workers who are heading home to prepare dinner, as well as housewives looking for fresh produce.

Butcher shop in Hong Kong © Evelyn Howard 2010

A butcher shop

Hong Kong Street Food © Evelyn Howard 2010

This is one of many stalls selling food on skewers, and this street food seems to be quite popular amongst the locals.


Regina said...

Beautiful photos!
My favorite is HK harbor.

chasity said...

such vibrant colors everywhere....
you captured them well.

Kala said...

I would love to walk those streets!

Louis la Vache said...

Your point-and-shoot did indeed do a credible job with these night shots! Great skyline images; colorful market place photos! We feel as if we are right there!

Vilt og vakkert said...


Hong Kong seems to be overwhelming! Must be interesting going there!
Have I ever said that my son was a student of Swinburn in 2004-5? He studied communication design.
I visited him during Christmas 04.
Have a nice week ;:OD)

Anonymous said...

I love those open air markets, full of people. Lots of grabbing of produce...lots of elbowing in ribs. lol. Matti

wenn said...

nice night view!

cat said...

Wow stunning shots!

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