July 8, 2010

Looking up in Beijing

Mixed media on Beijing © Evelyn Howard 2010 
Digital, Evelyn Howard, 2010

My next stop from Hainan Island was Beijing. I attended a few Chinese Brush Painting classes, and was inspired to play with the materials. The power lines above were drawn using Chinese brush and ink (my teacher will be horrified, so hopefully she won’t see this), then photographed. The photo was combined with a few others  to complete this piece.

Some photos taken for inspiration, which show cloudy grey sky in the Chinese capital.

Beijing power lines © Evelyn Howard 2010

Beijing power lines © Evelyn Howard 2010

Beijing power lines © Evelyn Howard 2010

Please visit Skywatch for more photos.


Titania said...

The wires look rather frightening under the gray sky. I like your brush strokes, the colours look good and you have to paint like you feel and your brush takes you, no constraint.

Diane AZ said...

I love your creative power line art piece and the photos are interesting as well; I see why you were inspired by them.

chubskulit said...

Dooms day? It looks like a storm is coming.

LadyFi said...

Those wires are powerful under the grey sky. I love your painting - stylized and so cheerful!

Louis la Vache said...

A most unusual - and enjoyable - Sky Watch, Evelyn.

Here's the update on the car.

Luna Miranda said...

you definitely have the eye of an artist. very interesting inspiration--and i like the result. digital art is not very common here, but recently i've seen a work of a local artist, and it was amazing.

J Bar said...

Like spaghetti.

diane said...

Interesting shots. Funny how eyesores can be artistic!

Regina said...

Wow so cool EV. those are also dangling around here:).

Happy SWF weekend!

Dani said...

very artistic shots. yet the reality so terrifying.

I like your brush strokes paintings. I also did a few classes during my stay in China.

Have a great weekend.

Light and Voices said...

I bow down to your brush strokes and color. Simply a brilliant creative image.
Joyce M

lisaschaos said...

Very interesting, those lines pull my eyes in every direction. I love what you did with that first one! Very nice!

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