August 6, 2010

A sweet afternoon

Today I felt like drawing something yummy, so I went to a bakery. I found a hazelnut dessert and a chocolate éclair, which pleased my husband enormously. But he had to wait till I finished my drawings before we could eat them… The tasted pretty good.

Hazelnut dessert drawing © Evelyn Howard 2010

éclair drawing © Evelyn Howard 2010

ps. both drawings were completed digitally using Corel Painter.

Creative Every Day

Happy Weekend.


diane said...

So good I could eat them.

wenn said...

beautiful painting!

miz katie said...

I admire your patience. If the pastry looked as good as your drawings, I don't know if I could have waited to eat them.

Irene said...

Ok, I love eclair; now I love it more!..

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