October 30, 2010

Melbourne Cup Carnival (Australia)

Horse © Evelyn Howard 2010

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is a annual horse racing event. It’s more than that actually… it’s also a social event of partying and drinking at the races.

Hats for Melbourne Cup © Evelyn Howard 2010

Feminine and pretty hats were selling like hot cakes last week when I was in the city…

Waiting for tram © Evelyn Howard 2010 I have never been to the races. But this morning, I spotted a number of people dressed up for the races. I spotted 2 girls waiting for the tram with frills on their hair (sorry, not a great photo). I love seeing the hats and the frills.

It is forecast to be a wet weekend, so men and ladies with special tickets under a roof will stay dry. It won’t be so comfortable for the others….

It’s also interesting to watch people after the races. Like previous years, I expect to see a few drunken and bedraggled men and women, and women with sore legs and feet walking home with high heels in their hands.


Happy Weekend to you.


Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
Thank you for beautiful photos. Indeed, it's the social event that impacts on Sydneysiders....
Cheers, Sadami
I must hospitalize Ms Computer next Monday.

Evelyn said...

Thanks Sadami. Oh dear, it doesn't sound that your computer is doing well. Hope it's an easy fix.

Jenn said...

Those hats are lovely on the 2nd picture!

diane said...

I could just give that lovely muzzle a pat. I would much rather watch the race on TV than to have to get dressed up.

Kaori said...

Horse racing here is very different...I like yours better! Very My-fair-lady-ish :D

origa-me said...

Evelyn those frilly things on the girl's heads are called 'Fascinators'

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