November 15, 2010


When I was in Japan recently, one of the many fascinating things I found was pachinko. Pachinko is described to be like a vertical pinball machine. I saw pachinko parlours in many places and they were quite recognisable by their loud colours and with lots of slot machines. 

I had no idea about the game, but I walked into a parlour to check it out. I didn't get very far because the noise level was high... almost like a million bees buzzing at the same time! Wow, it was undescribable and unbelievable. I stayed inside for less than 10 seconds, and then left quickly.

If you visit Japan, do check them out. They are fascinating :).


Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn and everyone,
Ooooh! What an impressive photo!
Pachinko is a poky = a gamble machine. There are professionals in Japan, but most players lose money... (*I do not have an experience.)
Kind regards, Sadami

Kaori said...

Aren't they an experience? lol. That's a great shot of the couple playing pachinko! If you ever have a chance, check out their bathrooms. For some reason, pachinko parlors have the cleanest bathrooms! ;-D

lisaschaos said...

We had no idea about them until we found one at a garage sale once, lol. We bought it of course, but have since sold it. Fun shot!

L.W.Roth, said...

Looks fun. I would have stayed a bit to try it out. I carry ear plugs in my purse in case I wander into unbelievably noisy situations. It's "old lady" I know, but had my son thought of it when he was in college tending bar in a noisy pub, his hearing wouldn't have suffered. Happily, it came back after he quit.
Photograph would make a great graphic illustration.

Kala said...

I would have done the same as you Evelyn. Casinos, game rooms, etc. are too noisy for me.

Evelyn said...

@ Kaori: Interesting... mm, must check out the toilets next time!

@lisa: Wow, to have your own machine!!!

@Linda: good idea actually.

@Sadami and Kala: I am not into gambling at all. But given that my ancestry is Chinese, LOL (yes, generalisation here!), I think I should be.

Francisca said...

My Chinese hubby is NOT into gambling, at all... thank heavens. And like you, I ran in, took a few shots, and ran out... Funny! Enjoying all the pics I missed in recent times.. Looks like you've been having a great time relaxing and sketching... Good stuff!

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