February 20, 2011

Close-ups in Malaysia

Malaysian Kueh © Evelyn Howard 2011

Zooming in to a Malaysian kueh – a sweet snack made of sago and covered with freshly grated coconut. Further back are a few different kuehs. The term kueh is what locals use to refer to Malaysian snacks.

Abacus © Evelyn Howard 2011

I first saw the abacus used by Chinese traders when I was young. Then I saw less of them and more electronic calculators. But today, kids in Malaysia are attending Mathematics classes outside of the school curriculum, and using this tool in these classes.

Here’s a wiki page on abacus – it dates back a long long long time ago.

Shitsu © Evelyn Howard 2011

My brother’s dog, Ollie. So close that I can almost feel it’s breath. Yuck – I don’t like dog’s breath!

Papaya leaves © Evelyn Howard 2011

After the last photo, let’s have something more refreshing. Zooming in to papaya leaves.

Happy Macro Monday.


Pavinee said...

Great and beautiful shots. The kueh looks almost like Thai sweet snack :-)

Beautiful abacus ( have just learned that it's called abacus in English ;-) I never saw the white one before. Looks lovely

The dog and the leaves are impressive too.

Enjoy looking at them all :-D

LĂșcia said...

The kueh looks delicious, I'd love to try!
Ollie is so cute!!!
Love the colours on your great shots!
Have a good new week. ;-)

EG Wow said...

The kueh looks so good I wanted to bite into my computer monitor. OK. only kidding...but the kueh DOES look very tasty. :)

Ruthi said...

the first photo made me hungry. love the color and it does look yummy. love shredded coconut.

Kim, USA said...

Oh my this makes me hungry. And this looks like "palitaw" in the Philippines. Yum yum!!
Yellow Flowers

jo©o said...

Lovely fresh shade of green in those leaves.
Can one have an abacus in just the one colour? That must be harder to work with.

Karen said...

A terrific series of shots. That first one looks delicious, and that's fantastic detail on the last one.

Kala said...

The details in the photo of the kueh are mouth-watering!

Annelie said...

Juicy macro the first one!
All is very nice and have a good day!

lisaschaos said...

I loved that first shot, then I saw Ollie - so cute! I don't like dog breath either.

Jama said...

That kueh is so tempting! It's very difficult to find such kueh here and I'm too lazy to make them as the sons don't like to eat them.

GrandmaK said...

Such a cute puppy! But the snacks look oh so good! Cathy

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

great shots, your puppy is adorable

kbreints said...

Love the fresh green of the plant... that is lacking around these parts!

Bom said...

Nice set of images yo have there. The kueh looks yummy.

eileeninmd said...

Fantastic shots and I just love the cute doggie.

Francisca said...

Nice eclectic collection of macros, Evelyn. I don't like dog's breath either, but he sure looks like a cutie pie! I used to see a lot of people use the abacus in China still in the 80s. Amazing to watch, that!

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