February 2, 2011

Red blooms from Mom’s garden

A few blooms taken in Malaysia for Watery Wednesday. My Mom loves gardening, and these are her plants.

Rain drops © Evelyn Howard 2011

A shot after the rain in Malaysia. This gorgeous plant belong to Mom.


Rain drops © Evelyn Howard 2011

Mom’s ginger blooms.

Wilted rose © Evelyn Howard 2011

Ok, this one is not watery at all. But of the three, it’s the most interesting flower is the one in the middle :).


Autumn Belle said...

Lovely red blooms from you mom's garden. It has been a wet year indeed.

Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
Beau~~~tiful!! Thank you.
Cheers, Sadami

Evelyn said...

@Autumn Belle
It sure is! And not so hot, which I am really liking very much.

Evelyn said...


Judy said...

The dried rose is interesting, but my favourite is the middle shot, with all those raindrops !! The flower is such an unusual shape that I kept seeing more raindrops, the longer I looked!

Francisca said...

Wonderful macros, all three! Great reflection in the raindrops of the middle one! And I agree the middle flower of the third image is lovely.

jeannette said...

Even though all three pics are amazing (never seen such big waterdrops as in the 2nd!), the third one is my favorite, because of the colors - beautiful and very subtle:)

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