April 23, 2011

Electric bicycle

Electric bicycle © Evelyn Howard 2011

Electric bicycles are quite popular in Beijing. A slightly wonky version unfortunately, but finally a submission to Illustration Friday after a long absence…


reanaclaire said...

Hello ..coming by.. have a nice weekend!

Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
It looks very interesting. Weldone the machine! Colour use is so cute.
Cheers, Sadami

MarieElizabeth said...

I would love one of these to get around town. I don't think it's wonky, it just has personality! I think it is very fun.

L.W.Roth, said...

I can't stand it another minute of looking at these gorgeous photographs that drive me up the (Great) wall. You and your wonderful photography torments me so. I am so sorry I missed our trip every time you show me that part of the world you are so lucky to frequent.

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