May 12, 2011

Bicycles and tricycles, Beijing

sofa on tricycle © Evelyn Howard 2011

I spotted these tricycles with their heavy loads recently…

furniture on tricycle © Evelyn Howard 2011

I sure hope these tricycles run on batteries.

Old bicycles © Evelyn Howard 2011

Lots of them… if one falls, they all fall – imagine dominoes.

Yellow bicycle © Evelyn Howard 2011

A funky yellow one. Most bicycles are old compared to this.

Electric bicycle sketch © Evelyn Howard 2011

Most, but not this brightly coloured electric bicycle… 

tricycle and washing line © Evelyn Howard 2011

A tricycle at home having a break

Bike repair shop © Evelyn Howard 2011

A roadside bicycle repair shop, with chairs for customers. (It was early, so the repairman wasn’t at work yet).


Sadami said...

Dear Evelyn,
Wonderful photos, the very interesting post and the beautiful painting! I love the red bike. So cooool!
Thank you for sharing.
Cheers, Sadami

LĂșcia said...

The man who rides the bikes with the furniture must be very strong...
Cool shots, nice to see your beautiful work too. ;-)
Have a good weekend!

Kala said...

I saw many of those tricycles when I visited Beijing.

Wonderful photos Evelyn and I like the sketch of the electric bike.

Katie said...

I just want to hop onto that yellow bicycle and ride away..!

Kaori said...

Those luggage are HUGE...I wonder how they keep their balance when they want to change directions? The chinese must be very good bikers :D

Great shots, Evelyn!

L.W.Roth, said...

Wonderful photographs (and painting) as usual, but the one that knocks me out is the Bike domino photo. What a painting that would make!

Francisca said...

Haha... feels like home. Have you seen this one?

Evelyn said...

Yes, a funky looking one. But I hope pedal power stick around forever.

diane b said...

A super post. Love your scooter.

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