June 30, 2011

Fishing Village – drying fish

Fishing village sketch © Evelyn Howard 2011

This is a piece inspired by scenes of Tai O village in Hong Kong. One of the famous produce of this fishing village is dried fish. See next photo.

Drying fish, Hong Kong © Evelyn Howard 2011

I am not sure why some fish are dried in baskets, while some are hung to dry. Perhaps the fish in the basket is a different variety which birds love…. Anyway, a lady told me that the heads are covered to prevent flies from laying eggs (around the eyes, I guess)

Drying fish in the sun, HK © Evelyn Howard 2011

Lots of fish being dried. The dried fish is quite delicious. We had meat and dried fish in  a clay pot, and fried rice with diced chicken and dried fish. Only a small piece is required since it’s quite salty.


snowwhite said...

I love dried fish! Very familiar scenery for me. But, it is the first time to see fish whose heads are covered with paper. When people make dried fish, usually get rid of gut and open fish and dry them. It is very interesting that there are differences in the familiar scenery. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

I love the tour of Hong Kong you are giving us through your lens...and those dried fish....what a shot!! Super sketch too!

Lúcia said...

You art and the pictures are amazing!
Do you know that feeling we have when we look to a beautiful photo of a very distant land on a magazine or internet and think "I'd love to see many others!"?
You can have an idea about how I feel. :)

Sadami said...

Hi, Evelyn,
Thank you for the nice painting and interesting photos. I saw these big fishes for the first time. Oh, yes, dried fishes taste good, but a bit too salty.
Cheers, Sadami

Dani said...

amazing post, Evelyn.
That last shot is just awesome.

James said...

I'm always amazed by your wonderful talents! Great post!

Tes said...

Oh, I love dried fish. In the Philippines, we call it "daing" We also eat it with rice. Sadly, I've not seen how the drying process happens. You take photos and this documentation is really nice -not to mention your drawing! So creative, Evelyn! :)

Kala said...

I've not seen fish dried like this before. Great shot Evelyn!

Kaori said...

That shot of the fish hanging is great! I don't eat fish but if I did I bet I'd like it. You make it sound good :D

Francisca said...

I don't like to eat dried fish, but I do think they look romantic in this fishing village. More great sketches. You're going to get tired of me telling you this...

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