July 13, 2011

Remembering Beijing’s delicious food

I am missing the variety of mouth-watering food in Beijing. Here are more food photos….

Muslim Skewered Meat © Evelyn Howard 2011

Yummy Muslim food – grilled skewered meat. This stall belongs to a restaurant close-by, which we have been to a few times.

Chinese snacks © Evelyn Howard 2011

Breakfast snacks.

Tea Smoked Duck © Evelyn Howard 2011

Tea-smoked duck, eaten wrapped in a thin pancake (like Peking Duck). I love the smokiness of this version.

Shao Mai © Evelyn Howard 2011

Shao Mai – flavoured glutinous rice  in bite size parcels

Dumplings © Evelyn Howard 2011

Dumplings for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Dumplings © Evelyn Howard 2011

A different type of dumplings… also good for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Kung Pau chicken © Evelyn Howard 2011

Kung Pau chicken

Cumin friend rice © Evelyn Howard 2011

Cumin fried rice

Beijing spicy fish © Evelyn Howard 2011

Spicy fish and rice

Are you hungry? I am.


Sadami said...

Oh, Evelyn,
So nice photos...
but I should not see them before a meal?!

Evelyn said...

Haha,I hadn't eaten when I posted the pics... I sure got hungry! Now I have eaten... but I still miss Beijing food.

Kaori said...

Your photos make everything look so good, Evelyn! Yum :D

wenn said...

u made me hungry..

Evelyn said...

@Kaori, @Wenn
Thanks for visiting. Nothing like a good dose of yummy food. I could do with some Japanese food (noodles!), or some yummy Malaysian curry (nasi leamk too!) right now.


Lúcia said...

I didn't know they have dumplings for breakfast, they're soooo lucky!!!
Everything looks delicious, specially that duck. ;-)
Great shots Evelyn!

Evelyn said...

Hi Lucia
Yep, dumplings any time of the day. I miss it so much. Ev

Kala said...

Yes I am hungry - especially for dumplings. Great shots Evelyn!

Francisca said...

I hate you for this.... I adore ALL this food!!!!!!! Can't remember when I last had a jian dui... :-D

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Am I hungry...omg...YES!!!!!
I normally cannot look at fotos of food...they make me kind of ill..but that is a good thing. I guess I should hang such fotos in my kitchen as then I would never want to eat:) but your fotos here actually make my mouth WATER!!!! really,,,they honestly look delish!!

Lesley said...

even your food photography is excellent! that is not easy to pull off.

nelleke said...

I've just eaten, but it still looks delicious!

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