August 26, 2011

More sketches in California

Palo Alto sketch © Evelyn Howard 2011

We were in sunny Palo Alto (about an hour south of San Francisco) for a couple of weeks. It was sunny everyday – perfect for sketching outdoors.

Pier 23 San Francisco © Evelyn Howard 2011

Along the Embarcadero in San Francisco. These plants belong to a restaurant. There are always many people along the Embarcadero, including tourists.

Hills Bros Coffee © Evelyn Howard 2011

Further south along the Embarcadero, I spotted this lovely building across the road.

Wishing you a wonderful week.


L.W.Roth, said...

I love the simplicity of your drawings Evelyn. You get right to the point and your composition is always balanced. You're quite a talented woman.

Kala said...

I do wish I had your talent for sketching.

Dani said...

so pretty!

Have a fun weekend!

Evelyn said...

> Linda
You are so kind. You are also a talented woman. :)

> Kala
Tahnks - I wish I have your talent for photography.

> Dani
Thanks. Hope you are enjoying your time in Europe before heading to China again.

stardust said...

I like your touch and style of drawing. I feel more sunlight because of whitish color tone in these sketches.

Have a happy and restful weekend.

Evelyn said...

Thanks for the constructive feedback - much appreciated. I think I understand what you mean :).

You too, have a wonderful weekend, Evelyn

Kaori said...

Have you ever thought about making a travel book with your sketches? I saw a Japanese tourist book with some sketches and thought about you ;D

Evelyn said...

> Kaori
Yes actually I have. Thanks for the encouragement - much appreciated!

Francisca said...

Let me add my encouragement to Kaori's!

Francisca said...

PS. What are you doing to promote yourself? I don't know what takes you on the road all the time, but what you do can be done anywhere, so you could (if you wanted, of course), be earning some income with your talent and skill.

Evelyn said...

Thanks Francisca,
Haha, you are right. I am just having too much fun, but food for thought definitely!

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