August 18, 2011

People sketches

Ipad sketch of man standing © Evelyn Howard 2011

I brought my iPAD to breakfast this morning. While waiting for a table, I quickly sketched a man in front of me.

Ipad sketch of man resting © Evelyn Howard 2011

It was getting addictive…  I sketched Jeremy at home, on the iPAD. He doesn’t like many of my pieces of him, but he likes this :).


LĂșcia said...

I'm glad to know you're having fun with you iPad! It's also fun to see your creations, I like the colours you chose for the second sketch. :)

cat said...

I had no idea you could sketch on an iPad. Great result :)

diane b said...

That must be fun. Is it an App? I like your pen and paper sketches best.

Evelyn said...

> Hi Lucia
Thanks. I had no idea how much fun it is, until I tried it :)

> cat
Thanks. Yeah, there are a number of drawing/painting programs specially designed for the iPAD.

> Thanks diane,
It is an app for drawing/painting. Pen on paper is still fun, this though is a lot cleaner :)

Sadami said...

Wow...the paintings are good1 You are ahead of time...I need to know how to use iPad.

Evelyn said...

> Sadami
Haha, you say the nicest things :D. I am still learning, so we can learn together!
Regards, Evelyn

Fourborne said...

I love your ipad paintings. What app are you using?

Evelyn said...

> Fourborne
Thanks. The top one was with Sketchbook Pro, and the bottom one Brushes. I have just started so am not sure which one I prefer yet... Have you got a favourite app?


Kaori said...

These are amazing, Evelyn! Do you use a pen on your iPad to do these? :D

Evelyn said...

Thanks Kaori
I use a styles, which is rounded like the ends of our fingers.

Evelyn said...

Stylus, that is!

stardust said...

You can sketch quickly so nice on the iPad – that’s awesome! You look like pleased with a new gadget like a child happy with a new toy. :) Have fun to your heart's content, Evelyn!

Evelyn said...

Thanks. You a right, I am a happy child with a new toy!
Happy weekend, Evelyn

Francisca said...

Very cool, Evie. I immediately thought, oh, she's experimenting with a different style... Digital painting on an iPad, wow... Still your skill and talent at seeing the subject and sketching are so appealing. So you're still in SF?

Evelyn said...

Thanks Francisca
Yes still in SF. Happy Weekend' Ev

Postcards from Wildwood said...

These are fab, Evelyn!
Janice. x

Katie said...

LOVE it!!! The painterly effect is RIGHT ON. Hopefully we'll be seeing more like this ;)

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