September 2, 2011

A few more sketches

Ipad painting of girl © Evelyn Howard 2011

Coolness…. some people look nice no matter what they wear.

 Ipad painting on plane © Evelyn Howard 2011

I had to complete this before we landed. A rush job, but it still took me about an hour. I guess it was a good way to spend time during a flight.

 Ipad painting of kitchen © Evelyn Howard 2011

The kitchen of our rented unit. The colours are not actually these, but all white. I decided to have some fun.


LĂșcia said...

The lady on the first one, looks like a superstar!
Have a good weekend Evelyn! ;-)

Sadami said...

All wonderful. Did you use iPad? I want to learn how to use it.

MarieElizabeth said...

You have more fun on the plane than I do - great work!

Evelyn said...

Thanks. Yeah, she's too cool. You too, have a fantastic weekend.

Thanks. Yes, I used the iPad. Yes, please learn it. We can then share notes. :) Happy Weekend.

Hi MarieElizabeth
Thanks. Haha, it's also quite addictive.

origa-me said...

I love my IPad too, nice work.

Kaori said...

You are so productive on your flights, Evelyn! I tend to fall asleep the minute I get on the plane and sometimes the flight attendants need to shake me awake. haha. Love all the colors in the drawings!

Evelyn said...

Hi Carole, Do you draw or paint on your iPAD? It's a fun too isn't it.

I am so bad with sleeping on the plane. I watch movies a lot. You are so lucky to be able to sleep, so you arrive after a good rest.

Francisca said...

I'm in Kaori's camp; I often doze before we're even lifted. But I plan it that way, especially for long hauls, I won't sleep the night before so I'm sleepy when I board. Ev, you have got to be the most brilliant user of the iPad! I'm no art critic, but I know when I like! There's a quality about all you sketches, digital and real, that is so uniquely you. I sure hope you're able to monetize your talent. And I agree, clothes don't make the woman, whatever the ad media tries to have us think. I like white kitchens, but your coloring it gives it a cozy retro feel.

diane b said...

What is the app called for the ipad.? I'd like to try it but I doubt I could produce the quality paintings that you can.

stardust said...

Evelyn, you don't seem to get bored any places with sketchbook, ipad, or camera....and cooking at home. Right? Pink oven is unique but I like the colors of the kitchen.


Kala said...

I love the image of the hooded woman! Very mysterious.

Evelyn said...

> Francisca
You've got a good trick of not sleeping the night before. I am usually tired when I board the plane because the night before I'd be so anxious (yeah, don't know why!) that I wouldn't have sleep well. But still... I don't fall asleep easily on the plane, probably because it is a public space.

Thanks for your kind comments :).

> Hi diane b
I am using Sketchbook Pro and Brushes. Have fun!

> Hello Yoko
Yeah, I have lots to play with!

> Kala
Thanks. I spotted her at breakfast, and she stood out. I thought she'd be a good subject.

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