September 12, 2011



Can you read my writing?

If not, scroll down, I have enlarged the speech/thought bubbles below.

DSC00324 - Copy (3)

DSC00324 - Copy


A true encounter during the day, on a street where there were other people… so it wasn’t scary, but still a rather strange incident.

Happy Weekend!


stardust said...

A lovely sketch out of a weird experience! I think I know how you felt. Maybe he was attracted by you and just wanted to share the walk on such a lovely day. The white horse of carousel and others in the last post is so nice, too.


Sadami said...

Sketches are beautiful and so you are, that attracted a stranger! Next time, you have to tell that guy,"Come with me, there, my hubby is waiting."

Kaori said...

How weird...thank goodness nothing happened to you! Were you really wearing a red hat? Very cute ;D

LĂșcia said...

I'm sure that wasn't a nice moment, at least there were more people on the street...
Have a good week Evelyn! ;-)

Evelyn said...

Yoko, thanks. I think he was a bit crazy...

Salami, thanks. No, he'd follow I think, but he'll be too weird.

Kaori, thanks. Yeah, I got a new red hat in San Diego a few weeks ago.

Lucia, glad there were other people around. Otherwise it would have been creepy.

Anonymous said...

You probably should have ran.... or if you kept a ninja sword across your back, that could have been fun.... or maybe if you had a pet dragon in your purse.... anyway, I'm glad nothing bad happened!!

Evelyn said...

Joe, I was actually too scared to run. I normally walk quite fast when I'm wondering alone in dodgy neighbourhoods (where this incident happened)... A dragon would be good, one I can climb on and would fly me around town. Cool!

Francisca said...

Seems to me you did the right thing, ignore and walk on normally. Another topic for an e-book: what to do when.... for kids? If your ears are burning, you'll want to visit Kaori's Wednesday post... ;-)

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