January 25, 2012

Life got busy

Malaysian fruitsMalaysian fruits

It feels like ages since I last posted. The truth is that life got a little busy in my world.

Anyway, here are a few more photos from Malaysia.

Do you know the fruits shown on the right? They are langsat, (on the left) and maggis (on the right; mangoesteen in English).

Both fruits are widely available in Malaysia. My sister-in-law came home with a bag full of these exotic fruits which I haven’t tasted in over 10 years. It sure was a treat. The skin of both fruits are discarded. The small langsat (make a circle with your index finger and thumb – that’s about the size of the fruit) is easily eaten as the skin is soft and can be peeled away like  banana skin. The skin of the manggis is harder. Place it between both hands and gently press your palms together. The pressure will pop the fruit. The skin has a reddish stain so I am careful to keep it away from my clothes.

Hokkaido ChocolatePop a piece into the mouth, and the flesh of both fruits seems to melt. Be sure to spit out any seeds, and enjoy the sweet juicy taste :D.


My friend just arrived home from Hokkaido, Japan and she gave me this beautiful box of chocolates. Don’t you just love the packaging and colours?

There were many flavours such as passionfruit, berries, chocolate (of course!), green tea, etc. You’d notice that two pieces have gotten a little bit misshapened – the hot weather in Malaysia made the pieces soft, and when I tried to pick them up…

Hope you are having a great new year so far.


dosankodebbie said...

I recognize the wrapping paper in the background of your first photo. If I'm not mistaken, it's from Rokkatei, a well-loved and well-known Hokkaido confectionery. A famous local artist painted the wildflowers for their wrapping paper. :)

Sadami said...

Nice! You always make me hungry, nearly starved?! But I didnot know the interesting fact Debbie wrote above. Wow, no boundary in a world economy?!

Lúcia said...

I love mangoesteen, but I've never tried the other one.
A box of colourful chocolates, what a nice surprise! ;-)

Christine said...

I've never tried any of those fruit, Malaysia's on my bucket list for sure! And those chocolates look amazing!

wenn said...

I love mangosteen!

diane b said...

I'd like to try those fruits but not so sure about the biscuits.

Viola said...

Delightful both the fruits and the chockolates.. I would prefer the fruits :) but I have never seen them before..

Viola :)

Evelyn said...

@Dosandebbie: well spotted. I love the design.

@Sadami: it's a small world :)

Kaori said...

I just got the chocolate assortment from a co-worker who went to Hokkaido! I though it was really yummy :D

L.W.Roth, said...

I love mango--does that mean I like mangosteen? I've never heard of these exotic fruits till now. Chocolate I am familiar with and these look particularly enticing. Enjoy. Missed your beautiful photographs.

stardust said...

I have mixed up mangosteen with mango in terms of name so far, but to see the photos, I’ve learned they are different. While I like mango pudding or mango smoothie, fresh mangosteen looks tempting.

Like dosancodebbie (wow, 道産子デヴィ, or Debbie native of Hokkaido), I found the wrapping paper of Rokkatei in the first image. The different colors of the chocolate are suggestive of what fruit flavor. I’ll have the light yellow one, please.

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