March 5, 2012

A Sneak Peak

I am continuing with my bird series (see a latest post here), but moving from paintings to 3 dimensional objects. Here are 2 photos…

Ceramic feathers
These little clay sculptures are semi completed work; these are not fired yet.

Ceramic feathers

They will be be fired twice in a kiln; the first to about 1000ºC, and the second to about 1200ºC. After each firing, the pieces will be sanded down, to achieve a smoother finish.
Unlike painting, I find working with clay to be a long, and sometimes tedious process.


Sadami said...

What a talented artist you are!!!! How sensitive work they are!!! I can't wait for the result.

nelleke said...

Hi Evelyn, your new blog looks nice!

L.W.Roth, said...

You are full of surprises. These leaves are wonderful, I can't wait to see what's growing.

dosankodebbie said...

How cool! How do you envision these feathers being displayed or used? Will you put them together to form some kind of complex sculptural object, or will you frame them individually, or what? Or is that a secret?

Evelyn said...

Thanks everyone.

@dosankodebbie : Hey Debbie, the truth is I still need more components... not sure at this stage.Need to fire them first...

yoon see said...

These clay feather are truly beautiful! Love the horizontal beam sections that come in so orderly, somehow the v cut part come as a break & act highlight and uniqueness to your sculpture work!

The feather related painting is gorgeous! Love the colour and accented details of the hat. Making the portrait stands out elegantly!

Keep up your good work.
Take care and bye!

stardust said...

Evelyn, you’re such a multi-talented artist! I look forward to seeing the finished product. I saw the posts labeled “T-shirts” and I like your T-shirts very much, especially with design “Tea Service”.


Viola said...

An artist - I just said it, and I'm right - you are! =)
Special works and so beautiful! :)

Sophia said...

Ohhhh...very impressed and can't wait to see more. :)

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