April 9, 2012

Orchids from Georgina’s garden

Hope you are having a good Easter.

Watercolour and Ink orchids


I visited Georgina at her home last week, and I was given a tour of her garden. If I had looked closely, I am sure that she has green thumbs.


Christine said...

Your painting is so beautiful!

Sadami said...

Hi, Evelyn,
Very nice work!! Happy Easter!

Viola said...

Awesome artwork Evelyn!! I love it, so wonderful colors also! :)

I too hope you have had a nice Easter! :)

dosankodebbie said...

Great colors! They have a vintage feel to them.

Kaori said...

Love the soft pastel colors...perfect for Easter! Hope you had a lovely holiday, too :D

diane b said...

She can grow them and you can draw them. Beautifully.

Francisca said...

Gorgeous hues, Evie. Orchids are so special but I lack your friend's green thumb; whenever I buy one potted, it never lasts too long.

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