April 29, 2008

Get out of London if you are looking for real English cultural experience...

My last trip to London was in 2000. It was a brief trip as part of my backpacking journey to Europe and the US. It's nice to come back to London - after 7 years, I now have a new appreciation of the city.

With not much time to look around the city we have only managed to go to a few restaurants in search of food, and some galleries. We went to the TATE Modern, the Design Museum and the V&A Museum and had a great time. I only wish we had more time and energy to see more.

What I notice about London this time round is how it has become more culturally diverse. I hear different accents everywhere, not only from tourists but from those working in hospitality. I'm told that they are many eastern Europeans working in London - I have met 2 men from Hungary, who told me they have many friends from Hungary who are working in London. London certainly is from what I remember it to be years ago, where the hotel doorman was all serious and English (in a good way), and I thought I got a real English experience then in London. Now London is a melting pot of English and European cultures. Mmm, perhaps when we go outside London after the week of tennis, we will be able to get some real English cultural experience.

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