April 27, 2008

We did not do well in tennis, unfortunately


Here is a picture of the Melbourne Kookaburras (our team) taken at the Queen's Club, where we played 3 of our 4 matches.  My partner on court, Suzanne and I did not win a single set. Other partnerships in the team had some wins but unfortunately they were too few. On the whole, the team did rather badly losing all 4 matches we played in.


On the brighter side of tennis, we played at some fabulous tennis locations. Our matches in the tournaments were at The Queens Club and Lords (the picture above is taken in Lords). Jeremy and I also arranged for a couple of games at Hampton Court Palace (see my previous blog).


IMG_1592IMG_1598After the last day of our tournament, there was a friendly match between the Australian ladies and the English ladies. This was in another beautiful location, Hardwick House which is situated in a lovely English village outside London - getting there by train (top 2 pictures) was half the fun. It was a close match, with both sides winning 3 sets each. Our opponent, the English team was extremely hospitable. They organised the entire event and prepared a scrumptious lunch for us. We took many photos and everyone had a nice time.

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