April 17, 2008

Head to Wai Sek Kai in SS2 for another fantastic culinary experience

SS2 - that's where every visitor should flock to for dinner at least once. My estimate is that there are over 300 hawker stalls (not exaggerating) that sells a variety of food. Street food that is. This includes all sorts of noodles, rice, snacks, etc. We had roasted stingray from the ikan bakar (literally means roast fish) stall, har mee (or prawn mee, which is yellow or wheat noodles served in a broth cooked with prawns and condiments), and a number of other types of food. This is a street where many stalls congregate and later became a hawker centre. The locals refer to this place located in Petaling Jaya, a suburb just outside Kuala Lumpur as Wai Sek Kai meaning Eager to Eat Street!

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