April 20, 2008

Day 1 and 2 in London... it's freezing! plus more food adventures...

Compared to Kuala Lumpur, it's FREEZING in London! Single digits on the mercury wasn't what I expected, and I simply did not bring enough warm clothes. So after braving the cold (miserably) for a day, we found some nice warm cashmere jumpers, a warm funky wrap for me and a nice cashmere lined soft leather gloves.

Arriving at 6 am in the morning means that we had to kill time until 2 pm before we were able to move in to the hotel room. Besides the cold which made me rather unhappy on day 1, hay fever also wore me down and made me rather unsociable.  We played real tennis at Queens in the afternoon and by 9 pm, we were both weary from jetlag and the lack of sleep...

IMG_1532 There is so much to look at in London. Old buildings seem to be  everywhere and many are magnificent. With large columns and intricate details, they are grand (These 2 buildings shown in the photo on the left is connected by a slightly slanted section in the middle - I found that interesting). Then there are the designer shops - it's extremely interesting walking along Bond Street -  over the top jewelry, clothes, watches, etc. There is just some much to see and to be amazed at. The goods at Fortnum & Mason were amazingly well made and beautiful, and the interior of the store was  sophisticated.  I felt extremely under-dressed in Harrods. Perch up on the stool having lunch, everyone seem to look beautiful and well presented...

We surfed the net for great places to have brekkie. We decided to go to the Wolsely but on arriving, were told that there was a 40 minutes' wait - it's not even weekend!! We ended up going to a nearby patisserie which was rather nice.  More people watching... an older man came into the cafe with an extremely young sexy looking girl. He was obviously smitten by her, and they looked into each others eyes. Then she pulled down the top of her low-cut blouse to show him her jewel-studded bra. They continued talking and looking into each others' eyes.

IMG_1543 On the way back to the hotel, we decided to stop at a pub for a drink. It was a good find - it had a nice happy atmosphere and there were nice touches to the place. For example, the words on the door of the gents, located in an obscure corner says "Congratulations - you have found the gents". I was impressed with my first ploughman platter - cheese, vegetable, apple, ham, baguette and chutney. I had a strawberry lambic which was so easy to drink that I could easily have mistaken it for soda. An hour later, lightheaded and contented, we made our way to the hotel for some much needed rest.

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