April 21, 2008

More food adventures

We have no luck with good breakfast places, a least not the first time round. We went to Simpson's-on-the-Strand today, but they were not open. We were surprised - Londoners must not like breakfast on Sundays... maybe they only have brunch or late breakfasts... Anyway, I wrote the first time round because we did manage to eat breakfast at The Wolsely the second time round (see my previous post re The Wolsely). We arrived the the door on 8:40 am even before they were open for business (yes, we were keen!). After walking around window shopping in the bitter cold for 20 minutes, we were finally allowed into the restaurant. The food was good but not something that you can't find elsewhere, but having a nice breakfast in a nice elegant surrounding, with superb service is a great way to start the day.  After breakfast, we went away happy :)

Since I am on the subject of food, I had my first Yorkshire pudding today. It came with our Sunday roast at the Kings Head (see my previous post on the pub near our hotel). I'm told that it's bread with drippings of meat sauce while cooking. I don't think eating it on its own would be nice but it went rather well with the roast.

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