April 29, 2008

Rackets is not my game..

With the tournament over, we now have plans to head north out of London. Before we left, we went back to the Queens Club to see a rackets match. It was pretty impressive with 4 people in a closed-in space, hitting the ball really hard and still not manage to injure each other!
Rackets is new to me. We haven't got a court to play in in Australia, so in between our real tennis matches, we arranged for a lesson in rackets - just to experience it. It's played in a room with walls like squash but the court is much much larger, rackets are longer and the ball travels extremely fast. We were given protective glasses to wear which I appreciated. I was hit by the ball on it's forth bounce, the the sting lasted about 30 seconds! It turned a swollen blue spot soon after!
Unfortunately, I didn't take to the game well. I found the racket way too long and kept getting too close to the ball (similar situation when I switched from badminton to squash). Of course I kept missing it and only managed a few hits in the hour of lesson! Howard Angus, our coach was extremely patient :) - thanks Howard. Jeremy on the other hand, was pretty good and had a few good rallies with Howard.
If you are curious enough, follow this link to find out about rackets.

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