May 9, 2008

Oxford and more food adventures

IMG_1702  IMG_1706IMG_1703

We arrived at Oxford, a city full of students. Bicycles are in abundance too. We found a few nice pubs where we had our refreshments including traditional pub dinners of fish & chips and pork roasts. The first pub we went to had lots of university/college ties on its wall and ceiling - see top right and bottom photos. Rather quirky! We walked around the town which has lovely old buildings and had a peek into the university/college grounds but I suspect that because it was late, visitors were not allowed in.


We arrived at James' house, and met Caroline and Monty. Monty is a friendly boxer who loves attention. We woke up in the morning and found Monty lying just outside our room door, ready for more attention (pictured above)! Besides Monty, James and Caroline have 4 other pets, but we only met 3 of their 4 ducks. The forth went missing the night we arrived...

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