May 12, 2008

Boston - lots to see


We have a nice view of a garden from our hotel room window. We are staying in Cambridge, situated north of Charles River that goes across Boston. There is not much to see here but it is very convenient with the T (subway) station just next to the hotel.

We took a walk to the river yesterday. It was a sunny day and there were a number of boats on the river, and many people out and about walking and jogging. It was really pleasant, except for the strong wind.


I love the gorgeous blossoms of white, red an pink tress we see during spring. They make the streets and the city look beautiful.


We visited the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). There weren't many exhibitions on that day but we saw some interesting work. The building is really nice. Here is a picture (above left) from the building that looks into Charles River.

This photo on the right was taken at the bar of the Tennis and Racquet Club. I had a lesson in real tennis with Jimmy Burke who is the pro at the club, then a friendly game with Jeremy and Don the next day. It was really fun.

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