May 12, 2008

Dinner at Fischers

IMG_1799 IMG_1812Dinner at Baslow was at Fischers, situated in an old building, pictured above left, which also has rooms for guests. Dinner was grand (if this is the right word to use) - we started in the sitting area (above right) with wine and complimentary starters (pictured below), then moved on to the dining room for the meal, then ended with dessert and wine in the sitting room again...


The waiter or restaurant manager, whatever his title might be was oh so-so-so irritating. He had no expression and spoke very formally  like "Would sir like see the wine list?" and was so uptight. We thought he was oh so-so slap-able! We would have enjoyed slapping some sense out of him, but we didn't. I wish I had taken a photo of him to post here but if he reads this, it wouldn't be very nice...

Dinner took a while. We had lots to eat and to drink... no surprise there! It included terrine of foie gras with Yorkshire forced rhubarb, pan-fried scallop, roast best end and braised shoulder of Derbyshire lamb (my favorite) and desserts.


We couldn't resist having some cheese. There was a selection of French, English, Welsh and Irish - really enjoyable!!

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