May 9, 2008

Farmhouse B&B in Salford

Our next stop is Salford in Cotswald, where we checked into a B&B which is a farmhouse with 3 King Charles spaniels. It was a lovely big house, with lots of rooms and grand furniture. We arrived at about 4 pm and was greeted by this tall woman name Elizabeth. She spoke very fast and was friendly in a scary business-like way. She served us tea and cakes in her large seating room (see picture below). It has loads of photos of her family and of them hunting, as well as books on hunting.


Jeremy pointed out how it was kinda weird to live in a B&B which is actually someone's house. I never thought of that but how true - I was never sure where the boundaries are e.g. apart from the designated bedroom, where we were allowed to go. Were we allow to read their books and magazines? Were we allowed to even pat the dogs?

Here is another photo of the large house with their very large dining room. I seem a bit lost in the space there! The dining table sits 12 people (more if those chairs were not so big).


We walked to the trout lake nearby (images below). It was a nice walk passing several farmland but we were caught in the rain coming back. There was no where to take shelter so we simply kept walking. Luckily the rain was brief. And we saw a beautiful rainbow during the walk :)




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