May 9, 2008

Slaughter is the name of a lovely village

IMG_1737 IMG_1742  IMG_1739IMG_1732 

Slaughter had been recommended by a few people, so we went there for a visit. There are 2 bits of the place i.e. Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter. We stopped at Lower Slaughter. It was very cold but we went for a walk anyway (I'm told that it's a very English thing to do). It was a lovely village - I love the flowers and the river that runs through the village. We had tea at the old mill (bottom right photo). It was a rather quiet town with a few tourists.

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kslaughter said...

This is very interesting to me as my last name is Slaughter---must be some history there for my husband's family....hmmmm. Thanks for sharing~~

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