June 17, 2008

Ankle update


At breakfast yesterday, I started drawing and when I got home, I got a little carried away colouring it. Now that the plastered left ankle has got arms and a face (on the half-sock I was wearing*), I think perhaps I ought to give it a name!

What seemed like a little accident at tennis was more serious than I suspected. I was sent to the hospital by my GP to get my leg plastered. My bone was fractured and hopefully it heals well, and that I will not need an operation to place a metal plate inside :(. I will know in a few days time when I next visit the hospital .

*I now wear a half-sock on one foot - very unattractive. The plaster does not cover my toes and they get a bit cold. Unfortunately not even my largest sock is able to cover the plaster so I have to make do with a half-sock.

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