June 11, 2008

A broken leg - that's what happened last weekend

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It was a 3-day weekend last weekend. We celebrated the Queen's birthday with a friendly tennis tournament, and as you can see from above, it did not end well for me unfortunately.

We made it pass round one to the finals, and my partner Lesley and I played against Steve and Jeremy. It was a hard match for us because the opponents were better players. Although we played off handicap (we were given free points because of the difference in skill), Lesley and I struggled to retrieve their shots. We were down 4-2 and it was 40-love to them in the next game. Jeremy was serving a tricky one and in desperation, I tried to return it and disaster happened! Embarrassingly my friends carried me off the court and I sat through the rest of the tournament, and finally watched Jeremy and Steve winning and becoming champions for the day.

I have now seen a physiotherapist and am waiting for the X-ray results. I am using crutches to help me move around, and I won't be stepping into the tennis club for a while.

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