June 20, 2008

Bored... teddies saved the day

juliebear lyon frederick mybear

I'm told tonight is the longest night... that's a nice way of looking at things, but that means that today is the shortest day! And true enough, it started getting dark at 5:30 pm! Oh dear, it's going to be another loooooong winter....

I'm not feeling miserable, just bored and uninspired, so I gathered some teddy bears who live with us, and asked if they wanted to have their portraits done. 4 of them said yes, and that pretty much kept me entertained today.

Clockwise from top left: Julie Bear who came from Daylesford (my friend Julie found her when we were having a girls day-out to Daylesford, in VIC downunder), Lyon (whom I met while in Lyon, France - he sort of smiled at me from the shop window and melted my heart), My Bear and Frederick (who are really adorable and are the right cuddle sizes).

More bears another day... stay tuned.

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