June 23, 2008

Ankle Update (again)


Thank you to those who asked about my ankle. Sorry, this is the same image as last time, as there is not much change to it visually. However, I have some good news today :D.

My visit to the hospital confirmed that I will not be requiring the operation which the doctor told me about. Phew, that was my main concern! And what's more, I've got a new and improved cast! It's fiberglass - not only does it look better (an important aspect in this day and age), it's lighter! It's still got a hole where the toes stick out so I still have to wear my half-sock, but hey, can't complain - it sure beats the old plaster cast.

There were 2 previous post on my ankle and here they are:

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P/s the visit to the hospital for a check-up took 5 hours. I had 3 main things that got done in that time - got an x-ray, saw a doctor and got my cast redone. There were so many people, but I'm glad my tax has been put to good use :). I must commend the hospital staff for their patience and dedication to help people.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there how are you feeling?I recently came across your blog and had to say hello. I recently fractured my foot in 2 places and got myself a fancy fiberglass cast as well but I need to know how do you get a sock to fit over your toes,none of mine stretch enough,lol. Oh and what color did you get? Hows the swelling? Feel free to email me if you like,feel better,Dave.

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