July 10, 2008

Distracted by new artwork, "Well loved"

I'm distracted. I've started learning Flash again. I write "again" because this must be the 5th time I've attempted to learn this program. This time I'm determined that I will do it... but I'm taking a few breaks in between learning. I have been to the cafe and had my wonderful afternoon soy chai with honey, and drew in my sketchbook. I've completed another digital piece on Illustrator, and uploaded the design... Sigh, I write this down also as a commitment that I will eventually learn the program...

Anyway, here is the new artwork titled "Well loved", about an old teddy bear which is still very much loved by it's owner, although it's falling apart and in need of repair. A metaphor if you like... available on card and T-shirt... hope you enjoy this piece.


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