May 31, 2009

I made myself a sketchbook

I finally made myself something! You'd think that because I make things, I make myself lots of stuff. That's seldom the case. But I made myself a sketchbook, with one of my new pendants (*See note at the bottom of this post).




It was quick and easy when I had all the materials:

  • I had made books before but it was a long time ago, so I needed to do a bit of research before I got started. I looked up a few tutorials on the net to refresh my memory (I'm not going to add any links here; if you are interested, just search for "book binding tutorials" and you will find heaps.

  • I cut up pages from old and unused sketchpads, and stitched them together

  • Then I needed a cover for my book, and found an old artwork of mine from a few years ago. They were perfect as I wanted a dynamic looking and funky sketchbook. The cover is protected with a plastic laminate.

  • To finish off, I wanted something to tie the book together. Fortunately, I had a nice ribbon (from my increasing collection) in the right colour and some press-studs.

  • Then to make it a bit more interesting, I added a the wooden feature. I made it with hardwood (Tasmanian Oak), then applied acrylics paint and wood stain.(*See note at the bottom of this post)

After lots of gluing and sewing (and re-sewing... not my favourite thing to do but I wanted to do a good job so that my Mom and Sis - who are good at the craft - won't be appalled), it is finally done!! I have a new sketchbook which I'm happy to carry around. I am looking forward to putting my mark on the first page :).

(*Note: If you would like to know more, I sell similar ones as pendants in my online shop. Click here for info.) 

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