June 2, 2009

Having fun photographing my colourful pendants

Backgrounds for photos

I've been having fun with c o l o u r s again - I've made another 3 pendants. I've enjoyed painting, as well as photographing them!  When taking the photos, I've experimented with different backgrounds and textures, using fabrics, books, as well as my own artwork. The backgrounds in the photos below are:

  • Top 2 photos and left one on the 2nd row: front and back of book covers
  • 2nd row on the right: a page of my sketchbook, with an unfinished watercolour painting. I think the colours of the painting complement those of the pendant
  • 3rd row on the left: another page of my sketchbook, showing a pencil portrait of a girl. A nice clean black and white theme...
  • 3rd row on the right: another book cover with a lovely green textured fabric covering. I love this - a simple shot of solid colours...

IMG_4021 IMG_4029



IMG_4043 IMG_4026 - Copy

  • Photo below: the collection of 6 pendants (in the series) that I have made so far, photographed on a cover of a very old book. I love the colour and warmth of the patchy brown cover. At least this old book is being useful again, after sitting on our bookshelf untouched for a some time!

IMG_4020 - Copy

The new pendants

If you missed my earlier blogs on these lovely pendants, they are part of my "Colour My Day" series made of Tasmanian Oak, in abstract design. They are painted with acrylics, with woodstain and polish applied to exposed areas. The stain and polish bring out the beautiful grain of the hardwood, providing a nice warm character to the pieces.

The pendants will suit most outfits. All the wearer needs to do is to add a piece of string or even leather to the pendant. Easy!

Please click here or on any of the photos above, or visit my online shop  for more info.


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