June 13, 2009

Artwork titled “Skin Deep”, now available on T-shirts

These are my 2 of my favourite T-shirt designs, currently available from my online shop at Redbubble. They are available in a variety of colours are printed on 100% cotton fabric, and are available in cuts to suit men, women and children. I have bought a few, and I found them very comfortable.

For more info, please click on the images, or visit my online shop.

Design 1: Available in 9 light colours.


12 6 109 47   83   


Design 2: Available in 8 colours



2_1329465-3-skin-deep1_1329465-3-skin-deep 4_1329465-3-skin-deep 7 8 6 3_1329465-3-skin-deep 5_1329465-3-skin-deep

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