June 13, 2009

A visit to a shopping mall for all our needs

It is hot and humid in Malaysia all year round. The many shopping malls in the city of Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding suburbs are popular destinations for people of all ages. Besides “using the free air conditioning” (Malaysians love to use this phrase to refer to an outing to such a place), it is also a good place to lepak (Malaysian slang meaning to relax or to chill out), to shop or window shop, and to use free wifi provided by some establishments.

When we are in Malaysia, we tend to go to One Utama Shopping Mall frequently for all the above reasons. I found one such outing to Bandar Utama especially efficient, as I managed to do all of the above. We had lunch, and then found ourselves in Pick n Brew, a restaurant in One Utama Shopping Mall a few days ago. We ordered 2 cups of coffee and spent a few hours there surfing the net, blogging, checking our emails, etc. Like us, a few other people also brought their laptops to work there over a drink or two. It was a good day out for me. I was able to get in touch with others on cyberspace, and then went home with some T-shirts, jumpers and even a pair of shoes :).

Photo of Jeremy with his laptop in Pick n Brew

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